Why everyone should use a mattress cover

Why everyone should use a mattress cover

You've probably heard of mattress protectors but may have wondered, what exactly it is. A mattress protector or cover is essential, removable bedding that covers a mattress to protect it. There are different kinds and materials available but basically it protects you from dust mites, mould, and dead skin. Also it keeps your mattress clean neat. It’s highly recommended to use one.


    What do i need to consider when looking for a mattress cover?

    Now - before you rush out to the next store to get a mattress cover, think about the different types of protectors available first. There are a variety of different things to think of before making your purchase and the most common mistakes are made wth the following three factors:

    Size of your mattress

    Choose a protector that perfectly fits your mattress and covers all parts. Mattress covers are avaible in all different sizes, from Single over Twin to King Size.


    Cotton, Latex, PVC or a mix of different materials? Find out your needs and understand what's offered on the market to make a smart choice. 


    This is not the most important part, but if you're planning on using white bedding avoid buying a dark colored mattress cover. 


    For a more detailed overview about mattress cover options, we found a guide that was extremely helpful.

    CLICK HERE for a more detailed description and product recommendations.

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